About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to back underrepresented founders who will build products that will change how industries, businesses, and communities work.

Our Value

Ecosystem - Our managing partners have spent years building ecosystems and a community for underrepresented startup founders and technologists. Being able to connect the dots in those ecosystems and communities that a founder didn't know needed to be connected is what we do.

Leadership - Founders often struggle with making the transition from founder to leader. After all, you aren’t taught leadership in school. Most founders are building companies without learning the difference between contributor, founder, manager, and leader. We recognize this transition is complex and challenging, and we support founders in getting there.

Early Validation - Often, when things go wrong in a promising early-stage startup, the problems can be traced back to a failure to validate and test core assumptions early on in the process. Over and over, we watch founders making technical, design, product, and business decisions based on assumptions that carry significant risk but haven’t been thoroughly tested and validated. We support early-stage companies in the critical early validation that needs to happen to be successful.

Culturally Aware Support - Things like race and gender play a real and, at times, significant role in the journey of underrepresented founders as they work to acquire customers, raise capital, and build teams. Traditional investors often minimize, don’t understand, or just don’t recognize the impact that being an underrepresented founder can have. All of our support and guidance is centered around our understanding of the realities that underrepresented founders face.

Our Core Values

Equity - Equity serves as the foundation of everything we do.

Commitment - We are committed to the success of our founders, investors, and the larger community that we operate in.

Drive - We are driven by our unwavering commitment to our stakeholders.

Results - We believe the best stories are told through results and work every day to tell our story of success through the results that we produce.

Our Focus

We invest in pre-seed to seed stage B2B SaaS companies utilizing fully product-led or hybrid product-led led growth strategies that are led by underrepresented founders.