Our Process

Our Investment Process


Initial Assessment

After you submit your company’s information, we review it to ensure you fit our investment thesis. If you are a fit for our thesis, we assess the problem you are solving, who you’re solving it for, how you’re solving it, and what early validation you’ve completed. We are looking for companies that are solving problems with large markets and can show the market is large through bottom-up marketing sizing. The final part of this step is assessing the early validation that would indicate the company is solving a significant problem that businesses are willing to pay to solve over and over.


First Meeting

This meeting allows us to get to know you, and it allows you to get to know us. This is our chance to learn about the backgrounds of each co-founder and what is motivating each of you to tackle your problem. We also use the meeting to better understand the problem you are solving, the market, and your solution. We are looking for talented teams that have conducted early validation that makes a strong case that they are using a differentiated solution to solve a significant problem in a large market.


Second Meeting

The second meeting focuses on a deep dive into your model. We are looking for economically sustainable models that will allow the company to scale rapidly.


Third Meeting

We’ve gotten to know you, your co-founders, the problem, the market, the solution, and your mode. Now, we want to talk about the risks. We understand that every early-stage company has more risks than anyone can count, so we aren’t looking for a company to not have any risks. We want to understand if you see the risks, how you view them, and what your plan is for derisking as you move forward. We also use this meeting to address any remaining concerns or questions.


Due Diligence

If your company has successfully made it through each of our assessment steps and we’ve decided that we want to invest, we will invite you to start due diligence. During due diligence, we ensure there are no legal or compliance issues that would create problems for you or us.