Our Process

Our Investment Process


Initial Assessment

After you submit your company’s information, we review it to ensure you fit our investment thesis. If you are a fit for our thesis, we assess the problem you are solving, who you’re solving it for, how you’re solving it, and what early validation you’ve completed. We are looking for companies that are solving problems with large markets and can show the market is large through bottom-up marketing sizing. The final part of this step is assessing the early validation that would indicate the company is solving a significant problem that businesses are willing to pay to solve over and over.


First Meeting - Problem and Team Assessment

The problem and team assessment meeting allows us to learn about the problem a team is solving. In this meeting, we want to understand how many people have the problem, how severe it is to them, whether they are willing to pay to solve it over and over, and what research has been done to validate these assumptions. We also want to learn everything we can about the team to understand what makes them uniquely qualified to succeed. In this meeting, we do not talk about the product.


Second Meeting - Product and Model Assessment

The second meeting focuses on a deep dive into the product and the model. We are looking for products that effectively solve the problem the team is attempting to solve in a way that gives the team a competitive advantage using a model that will facilitate rapid scale.


Third Meeting - Risk Assessment

The third meeting focuses on the risks identified throughout the assessment process. In this meeting, we want to understand if the team sees the risks, how they view them, and how they prioritize the risks to the company's success.


Due Diligence

Companies that successfully make it through all stages of the assessment process will be invited to start due diligence. During due diligence, we ensure there are no structural, legal, personnel, or compliance issues that would create future issues.