We invest in talented people first

We identify, develop, and invest in talented, high-potential, early-stage underrepresented founders that would be overlooked through traditional venture capital sourcing and networks.

Enroll in the Incubator

You are an early-stage founder with an idea no or some validation and no Minimum Viable Product

Apply to the Accelerator

You are an early-stage founder with market validation, a Minimum Viable Product, and early-adopters

Pitch the Fund

You are an early-stage founder with market validation, a Minimum Viable Product, users, and traction


Your startup isn’t that different from a professional sports team. Building your team is all about recruiting the right talent, with the right personalities and characteristics, with the right skills and experience. Your team needs to perform at a high level, under tremendous pressure day in and day out, to win. And, the stakes are just as high. We approach the identification, development, and investment in high-potential founders and startups by utilizing similar models and frameworks used in sport to identify, develop, and invest in high-potential athletes and sports teams.


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While you may have already made a lot of progress with your startup we recommend the incubator as the starting point for founders that don't have market validation, an MVP, and early-adopters to ensure that you get the support you need at this critical stage. We want to ensure that you build a solid foundation to sit everything else on top of.

Once in the incubator you will start conducting the early validation necessary to ensure that you are solving the right problem for the right people and there are enough people willing to pay enough money to make it a scalable business. If you make it through the early-validation stages you will then move into building your MVP and preparing to pitch investors. The incubator has five stages and companies are assessed at the end of each stage. Companies that are unable to show the validation or progress necessary at each stage are not able to move forward in the incubator.

Yes, you are able to apply directly to the accelerator if you believe that your company is ready.

Yes, we invest $150,000 in each company accepted into the incubator.

No, you do not have to go through the incubator or accelerator to raise investment capital from us and you are more than welcome to pitch us if you believe that your company is ready. However, please keep in mind that our incubator and accelerator gives us an opportunity to get to know founders and build relationships with them. If you are pitching the fund directly we haven't had the same opportunity to get to know and build a relationship with you which means you as a founder will need to go through a higher level of scrutiny.