5 Podcasts Early-Stage Startup Founders Should Listen To

A list of 5 podcasts early-stage startup founders should listen to.

5 Podcasts Early-Stage Startup Founders Should Listen To
Article by
Sylvester Mobley
Article Date
March 17, 2023

As a founder, I always found the number of new things I had to constantly learn and the speed at which I had to learn them to be daunting. Honestly, I still find it just as challenging now as a VC.

However, over the years, I’ve adopted various strategies to consistently learn and grow as a founder, leader, operator, and now investor. A core part of this is podcasts.

Below is a list of five podcasts that I listen to that I believe can provide a lot of value to any early-stage founder:

1) Rocketship FM

Why? An early-stage CEO will often need to play the role of Product Manager. Understanding product management practices and frameworks will help you successfully build and deliver a product that customers get real value from.

Rocketship FM covers everything product-related, providing actionable insights that you can immediately apply.

2) 20 Minute VC

Why? Most early-stage founders are or will, at some point, raise capital. The more you understand the strategies of companies that have successfully raised and the mindset of top VCs, the better prepared you will be.

Each episode of 20 Minute VC provides valuable insights from some of the world’s top venture capitalists and startup founders.

3) Awkward Silences

Why? A large part of the success of early-stage founders depends on their ability to be hyper-focused on learning everything they can about their users.

Each episode of Awkward Silences covers various UX research topics giving listeners extremely tactical tips they can put into practice.

4) This is Product Management

Why? The why for This is Product Management is the same as the why for Rocketship FM. The more you understand product as an early-stage founder, the more effective you will be.

Like Rocketship FM, This is Product Management covers all things product with episodes ranging from go-to-market and product-led growth to data-driven strategies and validating opportunities.

5) The NN/g UX Podcast

Why? Great UX is a crucial component of building products people love. Every founder should understand why and how UX can give them a competitive advantage.

The Nielsen Norman Group UX Podcast provides actionable insights on topics ranging from user experience research to user experience strategy.